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“I love my grudges. I tend to them like little pets.” -Madeline Mackenzie Blue Vervain is a nervine that eases your mind and also relieves pain. While blue vervain is often marketed as a plant to help aid with anxiety, like with most botanicals, blue vervain is far more multifaceted than that. In fact, blue […]

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These days, there’s an artificial ingredient or hidden unwanted surprise in just about everything. Grrr. If there’s one cosmetic we could seriously do without hidden toxins, it’s lipstick. Conventional lipstick contains ingredients like petroleum, parabens, artificial fragrance, petrochemical emulsifies and more. With what we understand now about the effects these chemicals have on our hormones […]

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If you are here, chances are you have either tried or are about to try to taper off of Cymbalta. You probably already understand that over 40% of Cymbalta users have adverse side effects when trying to taper down. You may have even heard of something called Cymbalta Discontinuation Syndrome. If you’re still reading, it […]

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Rosehip oil also known as rosehip seed oil is the oil that comes from cold pressing of rosehips. Rosehips are vitamin-packed fruits found on your rose bush. Lately, you’ll notice rosehip oil making its ways into a number of skincare products. And there’s great reason! Rosehip oil is super protective to your skin, filled with […]

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Probiotics are health-associated bacteria that work for your body to help prevent and eradicate the presence of harmful infection or disease. Our bodies contain billions of bacteria. Some can be harmful – like E. Coli, while others function like a team of microscopic warriors- like lactobaccili constantly working with you to fight off bad bacteria […]

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When hunting down the best probiotics for men, we looked for supplements that were high in CPUs, acid-resistant, and affordable. We understand that men need some help keeping their weight down, protecting their colon, keeping blood sugar and pressure under control, and subsequently preventing the nightmare that is erectile dysfunction. Stress, NSAIDs, poor diet, and […]

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Natural beauty comes from the inside out and the outside in. We admit that we’ve played around with filters, beauty filters, and even matched our likeness to famous paintings. It’s part of the fun of apps and high-tech phones. But the truth is, everyone wants to be able to look in the mirror and feel […]

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